About Us

About us


We are not just drops in the ocean. Every drop is also the ocean. This invites you to experience Aquantum.

The feeling, the images we have about Life since we were children have never been forgotten. It has always been and is here acting as a sweet push, as the driving force in our every step to discover, to remember again that there are no difficult and easy things in life.

about us
δωροκάρτα aquantum

About us

We give meaning and colors to our everyday life! It is never too late to do what we really desire. What emerges from the depths of our soul is not an elusive dream.

Life is Joy. Life is a game. Life is Enjoyment and Creation!

No external condition, if we do not give it space, can affect our joy, calmness and peace. This is the message I want to convey to you who are now reading this text. How you will experience more Love, Joy and Harmony in your everyday life. How the difficulties you encounter can be minimized. And how what so far you consider "difficult", not only becomes "easy", but changes, transforms your reality. It puts you in a flow through time, connects you to the timeless and you begin to see everything around you with a different perspective as your awareness expands.

A few words about me

My own journey into the world of science began at the age of 17 when I entered the Physics Department of the University of Crete.
To what extent and how does Quantum Physics meet with the Higher Truth? What applications can it have in our everyday life? The answers came to me, and through me, as scientific knowledge began to connect with my own lived experience.

My love for people and the environment led me to take parallel courses in Biology. Thus, after completing my studies in Physics, I continued with a Master's degree in Environmental Biology, where I was taught, among other things, the healing properties of plants and herbs.

Στέλλα Κατσογιάννη
Stella Katsogianni
Physicist, Biologist MSc, Herbalist, Consultant & Practitioner of Natural Complementary Therapies

My scientific knowledge and laboratory experience have enabled me to safely use herbs as natural healing methods for myself and my family, and to make my own natural products. This, however, was not enough for me.

As a restless spirit, I wanted and still want to constantly expand my knowledge and find practical application of scientific knowledge in everyday life in order to improve everyone's life and mine of course.

No external condition, unless we give it space, can affect our joy, peace and tranquility.
Stella Katsogianni

I always look for ways and methods that treat the human being as a whole and not in parts. So my next stop was Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) before I entered the world of alternative - natural therapies and trained in various methods and techniques such as Gentle Bio Energetics (GBE), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy and a host of other methods and techniques that I continue to train in.

There is something beyond science as we know it, something that connects us in a special way to nature and the plant kingdom. This connection is so strong! It embraces us and strengthens our intention to make changes that lead us to a life of harmony. In experiencing it, I began to experiment and observe the changes, first in myself and my life and then in other people around me.

The more I experimented and delved deeper, the more I saw the connection and the common ground of everything. Through my journey and the experience of my daily life, I recognized that there are no coincidences and random events!

The turning points for me and Aquantum were my two pregnancies and births, which I chose to do in a completely natural way and in full connection with the soul coming into the world. There I experienced that there is no such thing as pain. Yes, it is experienced by all of us, but at the same time it is an illusion. It is our own resistance to letting go of the flow, letting go of "control" and making room for the changes that are occurring daily in our lives. Now through Aquantum I carry and awaken this knowledge.

Every child who comes brings a piece of Abundance with them. It is therefore worth listening and allowing children to express their Truth, to bring us the messages and gifts they bring with them.
Stella Katsogianni

Let us listen to the common Truth: we shape our lives! All we need is to remember who we are. What are our qualities, our divine records!

Aquantum and I are here to encourage and guide you on this journey.

I invite you to tune in with the joy of creation, the love and simplicity that Nature knows, enjoying with all our being every moment!

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