Jasper Fuchsia Zebra Pebble

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Fuchsia Zebra Jasper Gemstone. The ideal size to always have it with you or at your place.

High quality jasper fuchsia zebra pebble. Energy of peace, tranquility

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Fuchsia Jasper Pebble Semi-precious Stone

The Power of Serenity
Features Jasper Fuchsia Zebra
  • Pebble of peace, tranquility.
  • It offers patience and understanding.
  • Stone of optimism and freedom from fear.
  • Beneficial pebble in times of stress.
  • It offers a feeling of fullness and happiness.
  • It connects us to the energies of the earth.
  • Against excessive thoughts and worries.
  • It encourages gratitude.
  • Beneficial stone for mental health.
  • Eliminates distractions and procrastination.
  • It helps to achieve goals.
  • It enhances spiritual development.
  • Ideal for clearing the mind during meditation and prayer.
  • Provides vivid dream recall.
  • Protection stone protects against natural threats.
  • It helps in situations of danger.
  • It offers support and a feeling of love.
  • Useful for the car to avoid accidents.
  • Ideal for the office to absorb electromagnetic pollution.
  • It encourages control and calms sexual aggression.
  • It helps women overcome love antagonisms.
  • It stimulates the passion to create for new ideas.
  • It strengthens self-control.
  • Useful in professions that require concentration.
  • Stamina stone, improves vitality.
  • Useful stone for blood diseases.
  • Supports the circulatory system, detoxifies the blood.
  • Useful for anemia, exhaustion, heart disease.
  • Attracts justice to unjust situations.
  • Grounding energy at slow, sure and steady rates.
  • Effective in protecting and grounding the aura.
  • It offers understanding to changes.
  • Maintains stability in emotions.
  • It helps critical thinking and creativity.
  • Enhances spiritual healing.
  • It provides maturity and stability.
  • Mother Earth Connection Crystal.
  • Encouraging, uplifting energy.
  • Source of energy and love.
  • Helps grounding during meditation.
  • It enhances balance in life.
  • It encourages positive interpretation of people.
  • It helps to detoxify the body.
  • It strengthens the connection between man and nature.
  • It enhances the external beauty of the person.
  • It gives positive changes in attitude, thoughts and health.
  • Absorbs fears and worries.
  • Attracts abundance and wealth.

Energy centers: Base, shrine.

Normal correspondences: Bones, bladder, liver, muscles, skin disorders, gall bladder, digestive system, mineral absorption.

Vibration: Earthly.

Weight: 2-4 g | 5-10 g | 11-20 g | 21-30 g | 31-40 gr

Size: 2-5 cm

The energy of Fuchsia Jasper matches with other semi-precious stones such as Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Chalazias Kapnias.

Each stone is unique! The size, shape and color may differ from the photos. The price is for one piece.

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2-4 g, 5-10 g, 11-20 g, 21-30 g, 31-40 g


2-5 cm


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Ίασπις Φούξια Ζέβρα Βότσαλο Jasper Fuchsia Zebra Pebble
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