Obsidian Pebble


Black Obsidian semi-precious stone. The ideal size to always have it with you or at your place.

High Quality Black Obsidian Pebble. Confidence, self-control, stability.

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Semi-precious stone Black Obsidian

The Power of Protection and Grounding
Properties of Obsidian
  • A powerful and creative stone
  • Grounds the soul and spiritual forces on the physical plane
  • Increases self-control
  • It brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release
  • Magnifies all negative energies for full experience and release
  • It works on past lives and the ancestral and family line
  • It reverses past abuses of power and addresses power issues at all levels
  • It protects, repels negativity and banishes negative thoughts
  • Facilitates release from old loves and provides support during changes
  • It is used in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders and has the gift of prophecy
  • Powerful meditation and divination aid
  • It brings the conscious will to the manifestation of spiritual energies on earth
  • It leads deep into the subconscious mind
  • Heals and releases negative energies for soul development
  • It teaches the channeling of power for the good of all
  • Supportive stone during changes
  • It gathers scattered energy and promotes emotional release
  • It consolidates and articulates revelations from meditation and divination
  • It breaks mental barriers and dissolves mental addictions

Energy Centers: Earth star, base, sanctuary.

Normal correspondences: Detoxification, bruises, cataracts, operations, digestion, circulatory, cuts, joints, sprain, temperature sensitivity, prostate, overstretched or torn ligaments.

Vibration: Earthy to medium, depending on color and type.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Libra.

Obsidian's energy matches other semi-precious stones such as Black Tourmaline, Isinglass.

Weight: 5-10 g

Size: 1-2 cm

Each stone is unique! The size, shape and color may differ from the photos. The price is for one piece.

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5-10 gr


1-2 cm


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